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GB Impex Stone Manufactured Cultured Stone Factory - Sarasota, FL

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GB Impex Inc. a manufacturer of cultured stone company located in Sarasota, FL. offers a variety of manufactured stone, cultured stone, wall veneers, paving stones, pavers, thin brick, and precast products. Our wall veneers and special  pavers are hand crafted on site here in Sarasota, FL.

Our manufactured stone, quality cultured stone, stone veneers and E-Z Fit stacked stone will add a stunning appeal to your project or home. Our manufactured stone, cultured stone veneers are a great way to reinvent your home in very cost effective manner. 

Our manufactured  stone, cultured stones are made of Portland cement, aggregates, and mineral oxides for coloration.  They are suited for both interior and exterior so whatever your project may be, we have the cultured stone veneers, stacked stone, E-Z Fit stone for you!

The E-Z Fit manufactured stones, cultured stones, installation process is quick and easy and much more affordable than real stone without sacrificing any of the look! 

We at GB Impex, also offer a variety of manufactured stone, cultured stone,  special pavers and flagstones, including our own unique style flagstone, the Z-block/ builder block, which is a natural looking manufactured stone  and stacked stone,  great for your landscaping needs and any sort of flowerbox or outdoor kitchen, fire pit, retaining wall you could ever want to build.

With our manufactured and cultured stone wall veneers, you can do all the projects you`ve been dreaming of  at a price that`s affordable.


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