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Manufactured Stone For Your Dream Home

GB Stoneworks, LLC.

120 7th Street West.

Palmetto, FL. 34221

Our stones were made from local materials such as Floridian sand, rock, and cement.

This why we an give a 45 year warranty, due to the nature of the weather of Florida.

These cultured architectural stone wall veneers neither lose their colors nor do they crack.




Choose the tools required for your installation.

* Safety Glasses and other personal protective equipment

* Staple Gun or Hammer

* Wheelbarrow & Hoe

* Hock & Trowel

* Mason’s Trowel

* Margin Trowel

* Masonry, Circular, Table, Wet Saw or Grinder with Carborundum or Diamond Blade

* Wide-Mouth Nippers or Hatchet

* Dust Mask

* Level

* Metal Jointing Tool or Wood Stick

* Grout Bag

* Whisk Broom


Cultured architectural stone wall veneers / Manufactured stones

* Mortar: Premixed Type N or Type S mortar

* Polymer Modifiers/Bonding Agents

* Water






*Rigid Backwall





*Concrete Board

*Polystyrene Insulation


*installed over a Rigid Backwal

Cover sheathing with a two (2) layers of breather-type water resistive barrier, lap joints minimum 6" at vertical joints and minimum 2" at horizontal joints in shingle fashion. Then, in accordance with local building code, lap and install lath or mesh using galvanized nails or staples 6" on center vertically, penetrating studs a minimum of 1".

Continuously wrap water resistive barrier and metal lath a minimum of 16" to next framing member around all outside and inside corners .

Apply 3⁄8" to 3⁄4" scratch coat.

Clean & Untreated




Examine newly poured concrete closely to ensure that its finished surface contains no release agents (form oil). If it does contain form oil, etch surface with muriatic acid, rinse thoroughly and/or score with a wire brush, beadblast or

sandblast. No further preparation needed.

Dirty, Painted or Sealed




Sandblast, beadblast or waterblast to original surface (remove sandblasting dust by washing) or securely attach lath.

Metal Buildings

Install primary water resistive barrier.

Lap and install 3.4-lb. 3⁄8" rib, paper-backed, expanded metal lath to metal cladding supports of 20 ga. to 12 ga. using corrosion-resistant, self-drilling, self-tapping pancake-head screw with 7⁄16" head, of 11⁄4" length or suitable to obtain 3⁄8" penetration beyond inside surface metal. Screws are to be installed on center equal to 1 screw/sq. ft. and shall not exceed 6" on center in one direction. Apply 1⁄2" to 3⁄4" scratch

coat and allow to dry 48 hours.

Insulation Board or Open Studs

Polystyrene Foam Board


Install primary water resistive barrier. Lap and install 3.4-lb. 3⁄8" rib, paper-backed, expanded metal lath to studs using nails which penetrate a minimum of 1" at 4" on center. Apply 1⁄2" to 3⁄4" scratch coat and allow to dry 48 hours. 

Note:  Water-resistive barrier must be used on all exterior and interior mortar applications. Waterresistive barrier is not required for application over masonry or concrete.

Instructions for EZ-FIT Ledgestone.

Products are applied starting from the bottom and working up. Start each EZ-FIT Ledgestone course level and continue horizontally completing each course before starting the next.  If required, cut the appropriate size component to fit at the end or top of the finish area. Frequently check the installation for level and alignment.

Install Corner Pieces First.

If your application requires corner pieces, start by installing a corner piece first, followed by the adjoining flat pieces. Notice that the corner pieces have a long and short leg. Alternate these in opposite directions.

 Cleaning Finished Job.

 At the end of the work day, or when mortar is sufficiently set up, the finished job should be broomed or brushed to remove loose mortar and to clean the face of the stone. A wet brush or sponge should never be used to treat the mortar joints as this will cause staining that will be difficult, or impossible, to remove. Do not use acid or acid-based products.

Professional Installation

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                                              One step closer to your dream home!

GB Stoneworks offers affordable delivery and are the leading stone installers in all of Florida!